Rethinking the Carnegie Unit

By stressing the amount of time students spend in the classroom rather than their mastery of subjects, the Carnegie Unit masks the quality of teaching and learning in the nation’s schools and colleges. But alternatives aren’t simple. Continue reading

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The Testing Industry Under Common Core Standards

The new common core standards could be a boon to public school students. But will the standardized testing industry–and the states that employ it–create new tests to that support the standards? Continue reading

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Sweating the Big Stuff: Scaling Up Charter Management Organizations

The extraordinary demands of educating disadvantaged students to higher standards, the challenges of attracting the talent required to do that work, the burden of finding and financing facilities, and often aggressive opposition from the traditional public education system have made the trifecta of scale, quality, and financial sustainability hard for charter management organizations to hit. Continue reading

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(Mandatory) School Choice in New York and Boston

By requiring many students to choice the public schools they attend, New York and Boston have redefined the school choice debate, to the benefit of students and their families Continue reading

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Rush to Judgment: Teacher Evaluation in Public Education

Teacher evaluation is the missing link in the teacher reform movement Continue reading

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