How Obama Got Schooled

Under pressure from right and left, the president signed away hard-won federal power over K-12 education and gutted his own reforms, even as they were working. Continue reading

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A New Era in the Battle Over Teacher Evaluations

The Obama administration encouraged more robust ways of assessing which educators were doing a good job. Will its legacy last? Continue reading

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Who Says Teacher Eval Reforms Aren’t Working?

D.C.’s evaluation system should make critics think twice before dismissing the importance of reforms to teacher evaluation. Continue reading

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Charter School Lessons from New Orleans

In New Orleans, school reform leaders have rejected the argument that charters should be permitted to set their own, narrower standards of what it means to be public schools. Continue reading

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Rethinking the Carnegie Unit

By stressing the amount of time students spend in the classroom rather than their mastery of subjects, the Carnegie Unit masks the quality of teaching and learning in the nation’s schools and colleges. But alternatives aren’t simple. Continue reading

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On Student Motivation

In an era of rising academic standards, more kids than ever will struggle. But research suggests new ways to help them thrive in the face of adversity. Continue reading

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The Importance of Common Core Standards to Disadvantaged Students

The opposition the Common Core is about adult issues, not what’s best for students, especially disadvantaged students, who traditionally haven’t been taught anything resembling the Common Core in public education. Continue reading

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Producing the Smartest Kids in the World

Other countries’ schools outperform ours by following a philosophy that is—or ought to be—very American: innate talent is less important than sheer drive. Continue reading

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Gates on Teacher Evaluation

The final report of the Gates Foundation’s $45-million study of teacher evaluation make the case for a comprehensive approach to gauging teacher qualilty. Continue reading

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Past Isn’t Prologue for School Boards

The nation’s emerging educational needs and aspirations require a new and less-influential role for the nation’s 13,600 remaining public school boards. Continue reading

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